Tile & Grout cleaning method - Cedar
Rapids & Iowa City's very best procedures:

  • Step 1.  Find out all of your needs & concerns so
    we can serve you well. Thorough Pre-inspection to
    determine type of tile, analyze soil & stain types
    and determine the best procedures for your needs.
  • Step 2. Pre-vacuum all areas that need vacuumed.
  • Step 3. Pre-spray with the very best combination of
    products for your particular situation.
  • Step 4.  Agitation to work the pre-spray into grout
    lines and loosen the deep down soils that are
    ground into the porous surfaces.
  • Step 5.  Pre- treat stained areas with appropriate
    spotting treatment procedure.
  • Step 6. Carefully set up our equipment using wall
    guards and hose stabilizers to prevent any damage
    to your home.
  • Step 7. Extract Pre-spray with our Extreme Truck
    Mounted Vacuum System (the strongest vacuums
    on the market.)
  • Step 8. Rinse Tile & Grout with 275 degree and up
    to 1200 pound per square inch pressure Super
    Heated Steam Rinse.
  • Step 9. Retreat and rinse spots and stains.
  • Step 10.Optional sealant application.
  • Step 11. Optional Turbo Drying fans
  • Step 12. Thorough Post inspection.
  • Step 13. Make sure that you are THRILLED and
    feel VERY comfortable letting us know if anything is
    not perfect.
  • Step 14. Follow up call within 48 hours to make
    sure everything is still perfect.
Tile & grout cleaning method of the best cleaners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City,
Marshalltown, Marion Iowa, Ames IA,  North Liberty, Mount Vernon IA, Solon IA, Newton, Toledo IA,
Hiawatha, Robins, Grinnell & Tama.
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